Annual General Meeting and EC Minutes March 2022


  1. Present: David Martin, Maria Caravanas, Isla Cameron, Keith Sparrow, Maria Hughes, Phil Hargreaves, Paul Williamson, John Pinkerton, Tom Tomkins, Helen Thomas, and Rob Harper.
  2. President’s Statement. David Martin welcomed members and paid tribute to the EC; particularly the work done by Maria Hughes and the clarity of her finance reporting, Anne Schuman for her common sense in chairing the EC, the increase in the Bulletin publications during the year and his hope for the return of the Summer School this August.
  3. Apologies were received from Anne Schuman, Chair. Anne had suffered a bereavement in her family on the 25 March and was also in hospital with a broken hip. There were also apologies from Nadia Ellis, Ken Keable, Gwen Cook, Sheil Searchfield, Ingrid Gould, Ros Clayton, Ben Lunn and Joy Street. They were Accepted.
  4. Minutes of the AGM 2021. These were accepted as a true record.
  5. Matters Arising. a) There had been no progress on the acquisition of Mavis Cook’s papers. b) The websites will remain separate until further work is done with the new provider. c) FCA this would be dealt with under the EC’s Report.
  6. Executive Committee’s Report. (As attached to these Minutes)

a) RULE AMENDMENTS FROM 2021 EGMs. The secretary reported on the difficulties faced in dealing with the FCA as detailed in the Report. Not a single comment had been received from the FCA regarding legality or practicality of applying the changes in the Rules. Tom Tomkins proposed that the amendments to the Rules be introduced. If a complaint is made by the FCA we request an explanation with regard to the legality or otherwise of any changes.

b) Correspondence with Roy Bride. No further response has been received from the Information Commissioner’s Office regarding the contradictory advice given to Roy and the EC. The correspondence had been sent to Roy.

c) The secretary remarked on the assistance from Jill Waterson, the co operation of the Political Song Collection regarding our archives and the affiliation of the Marx Memorial Library to the WMA.

7. Finance Report. (attached to these minutes) Maria explained the reduction in income caused by Summer School cancellations and also the reduction in expenditure arising from the use of Zoom. She remarked on the need to find an Auditor. Joy Street had advised that she had a work colleague would was happy to carry out the task. The Report was Accepted.

8. Auditor’s Report. Carried forward. It was Agreed that this Report be published in the Bulletin.

9. Membership Report. (attached to these minutes) Keith gave an overview of his report and commented on the role of Vice Presidents. It was agreed that they were very important and efforts should be made to increase their involvement. The issue of Honorary Life Members was also discussed.

10. Bulletin Report. (attached to these minutes) Despite the current difficulties it is the ambition of the Bulletin team to produce 6 issues per year but more involvement was requested from WMA members; it is the members’ Bulletin. A  question was raised about MANA. The organisation had now change its name to Musicians for Peace and Disarmament (MPD). Helen Thomas agreed to be a contact with MPD regarding material for Bulletin.

11. Music in Education Report. (attached to these minutes) The policy of music being a compulsory subject on the every school’s curriculum to the age of 15 years would now be pursued with all relevant organisations.

12. Ratification of the Officers and EC for the ensuing year. The list (as attached to these minutes) was ratified by the meeting.

13. War in Ukraine. The EC proposed the following statement;

The WMA has been committed to peace since its founding. While our main focus is on music the EC believe that we cannot miss the opportunity of asking WMA members to express their opposition to the current war in Ukraine. The military attacks upon the civilian population by Russia is an offence to all peace-loving people the world over.

We call for the ceasing of all military actions and the withdrawal of all foreign military and support forces from Ukraine to their bases and allow the people of Ukraine to determine the future of their country free from threats of invasion.

To this end we agree to donate £100 to the DEC appeal to help with humanitarian aid.

This was Agreed.

This was all of the business.

N.B. All of the reports referred to as ‘attached to these minutes’ have been sent to all WMA members prior to the meeting.


WMA EC 26 March 2022. Minutes of Post AGM Meeting.

  1. Appointment of functional officers.
  2. Secretary. Joy Street
  3. Membership Secretary. Keith Sparrow.
  4. Treasurer. Maria Hughes agreed to continue for the time being until the extent of the role has been more fully understood.
  5. Auditor. To contact Joy Street re the offer of a colleague to undertake this role.
  6. Formal Officers. David Martin and Anne Schuman were elected unopposed.
  7. Date of next meeting agreed as 23 April 1030am on Zoom.

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